Our services

We offer support to growers, managers ànd researchers and bridge the gap between research and practice. We disseminate our experience through three services: consulting, training and facilitation of innovation.

We start from the daily practice combined with our own extensive experience and translate this to the field.


InnoGreen provides specialist advice on greenhouse cultivation in high-tech and unheated greenhouses.


InnoGreen trains you and your employees so that you can make your business thrive.

Facilitator in innovation

InnoGreen works with growers and researchers to realize innovative ideas.


InnoGreen provides specialized advice on greenhouse cultivation in high-tech and unheated greenhouses. InnoGreen has over 25 years of experience in Northern-European and Mediterranean climates. We work with 24 advisors worldwide.


How do we work?

Depending on the stage (start-up, greenhouse construction, cultivation and marketing) in which your company finds itself, we give advice based on your needs. We help you on the business, choosing the right greenhouse and infrastructure, production plan and marketing. We start from your situation and create an action plan together with you. A typical project goes as follows:


We make a scan of the company and present you the various options for your company based on this scan. Then we draw up a cultivation plan together with you.

If we start earlier on in the process, we can make your vague ideas more concrete and provide a business plan suited for your climate, crop and target clients. A business plan can also be used to get the necessary funding.

Greenhouse visits

On average, we visit a company 20 times during a growth period. During these visits, we consider the following elements in depth:

  • climate set points,
  • irrigation set points,
  • use of substrate,
  • prevention of diseases,
  • fertilization,
  • energy consumption and
  • labour training.

We identify problems and formulate solutions. Together with you, we see how these solutions will be implemented in practice.


As a grower you track your crops with the help of the Deligrow Crop Tracking. In this way we can follow the evolution from a distance. During the weeks without visits we provide advice by telephone.


The 1st day we give advice at a fixed rate of € 1000,-. Afterwards, we make a personalized quote. If you continue to work with us, we withdraw the amount of the 1st day of the total bill. The total cost depends on the location, the number of plant species and the size of the greenhouses. Please contact us for more information.


InnoGreen trains you and your employees so that you can achieve optimal results. We get our hands dirty and really get to work. Based on your specific needs we determine exactly what is covered in this training. Our focus is on upgrading skills and on empowerment: our goal is to make you self-reliant.

How do we proceed?

Especially working techniques and climate control are discussed. We demonstrate techniques, with special attention to ergonomics. We practice these techniques together for one or more days, under the guidance of the coach and the grower.

Besides basic techniques, the program can be expanded with the following topics:

  • labor planning and motivation
  • labor registration
  • recognizing crop diseases
  • converting cultivation advice into computer parameters
  • communication with consultants and sales representatives

We accept trainees in our greenhouses in different climatic regions. This makes it possible to learn the techniques by doing.


The cost depends on the duration, the number of trainees and the additional training topics. When organizing a training we provide for local administration, lodging and local transportation. Contact us for a personalized quotation.

Facilitator in innovation

InnoGreen knows the practice through and through. We also have an extensive network in research circles. This makes us aware of recent research and innovation.


As a link between growers and researchers we are ideally placed to facilitate innovation. This way we can translate gardeners innovations into factsheets or research topics. Or we bring new knowledge into practice so that it is actually used, and the growers can benefit from it. We bridge the gap between research and practice.

Besides this link function InnoGreen also has extensive experience in European projects. We can help you with the development of projects in the following areas:

  • coordination and facilitation of projects
  • assembling project teams, search for partners
  • preparation of project and grant applications
  • communication between different project partners
  • brainstorming sessions and animation of groups
  • promotion of innovation
  • dissemination of innovative results

Do you have an idea or a concrete project in which you can use our help? Please feel free to contact us.