About InnoGreen

InnoGreen provides specialized advice on greenhouse cultivation in high-tech and unheated greenhouses. InnoGreen has over 25 years experience in Northern European and Mediterranean climates. We work with 18 consultants from across Europe and a further 6 advisors outside Europe.

The thriving force behind InnoGreen is Peter Stradiot, a Belgian agronomist with roots in the Dutch greenhouse culture. For years he was manager of a leading substrate supplier. He is currently a consultant for crops and projects all over the world: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Canada, Argentina, Egypt, Morocco, and Mexico.

Peter Stradiot is also the initiator of crop registration, which evolved into remote advice for growers. He has developed products that enable this crop registration.

In addition to advice InnoGreen also gives training to your employees. Moreover InnoGreen is regularly involved as a partner in research projects. Thus, we are always acquainted with latest scientific improvements in greenhouse culture.

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